Annual Financial Reports
Annual Financial Reports

Every year since 1990, Ross County has prepared a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Below are the three most recent annual reports which have been audited by the State of Ohio.

Parcel Number Codes
Parcel Number Codes

Ross County parcel numbers are 12 digits long, with the first 2 digits indicating the taxing district. Below is a guide to help you understand the meaning of the first 2 digits, presented in the format [Township] - [School District and/or Corporation]:

01  Buckskin - Adena LSD
02  Buckskin - Greenfield EVSD
03  Buckskin - South Salem Corp
04  Colerain - Zane Trace LSD
05  Colerain - Adelphi Corp
06  Concord - Adena LSD
07  Concord - Miami Trace LSD
08  Concord - Frankfort Corp
09  Deerfield - Adena LSD
10  Deerfield - Union Scioto LSD
11  Deerfield - Clarksburg Corp
12  Franklin - Southeastern LSD
13  Franklin - Waverly Corp
14  Green - Zane Trace LSD
15  Green - Kingston Corp
16  Harrison - Southeastern LSD
17  Huntington - Huntington LSD
18  Jefferson - Southeastern LSD
19  Liberty - Southeastern LSD
20  Paint - Greenfield EVSD
21  Paint - Paint Valley LSD
22  Paxton - Paint Valley LSD
23  Paxton - Bainbridge Corp
24  Scioto - Chillicothe CSD
25  Scioto - Southeastern LSD
26  Scioto - Union Scioto LSD
27  Scioto - Chill Corp Southeastern LSD
28  Scioto - Chill Corp Union Scioto LSD
30  Scioto - Chill Corp Chillicothe CSD
32  Springfield - Chill Corp Zane Trace LSD
33  Springfield - Southeastern LSD
34  Springfield - Zane Trace LSD
35  Twin - Paint Valley LSD
36  Union - Adena LSD
37  Union - Union Scioto LSD
40  Buckskin - Greenfield Corp

Public Records Requests
Public Records Policy and Retention Schedule

All public offices are required to adopt a public records policy that describes how the public office will respond to public records requests. The Auditor's Office follows the public records policy established by the Ross County Board of Commissioners. Below is a copy of the policy, along with a complete list of the records (and their retention periods) maintained by the Auditor's Office and a form you may use to submit your public records request to our office.

Unclaimed Funds
Ross County and State of Ohio Unclaimed Funds

When a check written by Ross County remains uncashed for over a year, the money gets deposited into our Unclaimed Funds. Claimants have five years to make a claim before the funds revert to the county. Below is our current Unclaimed Funds List, along with the form required to make a claim. In all cases, we ask that you contact our office directly for specific instructions.

Ross County Tax Rates
Ross County Tax Rates

Property tax rates are determined by the budgetary requests of each government unit, as approved by a vote of the people. Your tax bill is the result of multiplying your property's assessed value by the tax rate that has been set by voters in your community. This is your proportional share of the cost of operating your local government, including schools, townships, villages, and the county. Below are the current rates of taxation for each district in Ross County.

Although the County Auditor cannot raise or lower property tax rates by law, the Auditor's Office does determine the eligibility of properties for various tax reduction programs, including the Homestead Exemption, Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) program, Ohio Forestry Tax Law, and others. Please contact our office for more information on eligibility, especially if you are a low-income senior citizen or disabled person, or a disabled veteran.

In addition to property tax, there are two school districts in Ross County that levy an income tax (see below). For more information on school district income taxes, including online payment options, please visit

  • Union-Scioto LSD (district 7106), 0.5% traditional income tax
  • Zane Trace LSD (district 7107), 0.75% earned income tax